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The latest updates from projects and servers below!

Change is coming to KetchupComputing!

Soon the whole site will look completely different with the introduction of some new projects, but for now it is important to note:

All game servers have moved and will now be available at!

Over the last month or so I've spent a large amount of time designing objects to be 3D printed. I have now uploaded many of these designs to Thingiverse, and also listed them over on this site's projects page.

Firstly I have a small set of stands to show off my slowly growing collection of aging games consoles. I haven't had time to design stands for all of my collection yet, but I plan to design more as time allows. That set can be found here.

Secondly I have a collection of designs aimed to automate the old man's model train set, that spends its merry hours circling the christmas tree. The 3D designs for that are listed here, and example code can be found on Github.

To keep anyone interested on what I work on up to date I will probably be announcing new listings on my Twitter (@KetchupMonki), and if you have a Thingiverse account you can also follow my profile there.

Starbound 1.2 has come around, and our server has now been updated accordingly.

We have also noticed that the Minecraft server is now a ghost town, for this reason it has been closed to save some on resources, but it isn't gone for good! I plan on switching the server over to Glowstone or something similar to save on the resources used by Minecraft when nobody is playing, the map won't be deleted and the server will hopefully return in the coming days (to weeks), depending on when I get a chance to look into it.

If anybody has any questions or suggestions, as always, don't hesitate to get in touch.


After a long summer I came back to find two out of the four game servers out, oh no!

One ran into some problems, another needed updating. The problems have now been resolved and all listed servers are live!

Unfortunately this took a long time, as if I am not able to play a game I won't be checking the server statuses, thus why routine server tasks are automated. Though automation is great most of the time, in cases where servers have long periods of off time (anything over 5 minutes is unusual) I would like to stress that anyone unable to access the servers should try and contact me on the address listed on the site, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if I am not available via other methods you may normally contact me on, rather than just assume I am too busy to deal with things. Its in my interest to keep servers running, and I will try and fix things quickly if possible so you can continue playing!

In rare cases my host may be off-line for maintenance as well, you can check them out via their website here.


Enjoy playing, building and exploring!

After updating the site I removed the server manager that allowed users to start and stop the game servers I ran via the website.

I did this for two reasons, firstly I personally wasn't using it any more, opting instead to have the servers start automatically when someone tries to connect.

Secondly, the software was really rough. I pretty much wrote it in a day, the code was ugly, it was very inefficient and not very stable. For this reason I have also taken the project down from Github, as I have no further plans to work on it. If anyone still wants the source for whatever reason I have cloned the git repository before taking it down from Github, so just shoot me a message and it can always be revived.

Server users, please be aware that the game servers will now shut down when they are not in use for some time!

When you try and connect to an offline server the connection will be refused, but this will trigger the server to start up. This will usually take about 30 seconds to a minute before you can connect successfully. 


Additionally I have added the Starbound server listing. Please be aware that due to Starbound being in the beta stages it is still fairly unstable, but the server is usually okay until you land on a new planet or travel around a lot.

I have just updated the servers page. Changes include;

  • Removing the Just Cause 2 Multi Player server listing. This server shut down months ago due to players moving on.
  • Removing the GMOD server listing. This server shut down because I lost interest myself.
  • Removed the Mumble server listing. As much as I loved supporting an open source project, I have moved to Discord due to it being much more user friendly and having better echo reduction.
  • Relisting the Minecraft server. This server is no longer white listed, and also includes some basic commands.
  • Relisting the Armagetron Advanced high rubber server. I had to rebuild the host server a while back and actually forgot to to start this up again until just recently. Hopefully I will get back into it!
  • Adding an Amagetron Advanced 'snipe' server listing. I thought it would be fun to play an ArmagetronAd server with super short trails, meaning you had to really catch people out. It has some fine tuning to be done, but I'm not quite sure on the best configurations yet.

I have an idea for another ArmagetronAd server, but I haven't really tested it out yet, but I will be looking into it more soon. Here's hoping I remember to update the site this time!

Any questions or suggestions for the KetchupComputing servers? Head over to the contact page and get in touch.


So I just quickly cleaned up the projects page, having not updated it in a long time. I will just quickly explain why the old projects that I actually got around to listing were abandoned.

Firstly, the Ysabel PHP clone has been abandoned because I was taking far too long with it, and most of the community from Ysabel appears to have moved on from the game anyway. I started the project mainly because I was in the process of exploring PHP, and secondly to try and revive a game that I loved, however looking back maybe trying to revive a game that most of the players have already lost interest in may just be a little bit like beating a dead horse.

Secondly, the 'Wickham' game has been abandoned because there is now an awesome alternative out there, that achieves pretty much what I wanted, just missing the multiplayer interaction I was striving for. Stardew Valley is a beautiful game and has certainly set the bar very high for a game like this. I would very much recommend checking it out.

I would like to point out that I never see 'abandoning' a project as a bad thing, as old projects are always a great learning experience for future endeavours.

Lastly I have a new game, based on the style of 'Wickham', but in a totally different scenario and context in the works. I will be writing more information on it hopefully very soon to populate that part of the site again.

It has been a long time since I have updated anything on this website, and a lot has changed. Over the next few days hopefully I can update all the information here, making posts to point out the changes to keep everything obvious as I go.I am now working on different projects for reasons I will explain, and the servers I am hosting have changed a lot. Also, hopefully I will keep it all updated this time!

I may also change how the site is presented and move things around, but we will see. I am not satisfied with the way this site looks and feels at this point in time, however I don't think I am so dissatisfied that I am prepared to spend the time needed to change everything. Who knows, maybe I will do it gradually.

Wickham is a small multiplayer farming game, inspired by a handheld game I used to play as a child. It is now open for people to play, but for now access will be limited, as the game is still in very early development. If you feel you would like to play Wickham, and give your comments on how you feel about it right now, or how you think it can be improved in the future please write to me using the contact page.
The game currently has the following functionalities,
-Basic movement,
-basic farming (Planting crops only, no animals yet),
-basic building.

At a later date the current map will most likely be deleted, as I plan on segregating that land so people own a plot, rather than everyone just farming and building anywhere they feel, so please don't expect what you build and plant to be around forever!

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