After a long summer I came back to find two out of the four game servers out, oh no!

One ran into some problems, another needed updating. The problems have now been resolved and all listed servers are live!

Unfortunately this took a long time, as if I am not able to play a game I won't be checking the server statuses, thus why routine server tasks are automated. Though automation is great most of the time, in cases where servers have long periods of off time (anything over 5 minutes is unusual) I would like to stress that anyone unable to access the servers should try and contact me on the address listed on the site, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if I am not available via other methods you may normally contact me on, rather than just assume I am too busy to deal with things. Its in my interest to keep servers running, and I will try and fix things quickly if possible so you can continue playing!

In rare cases my host may be off-line for maintenance as well, you can check them out via their website here.


Enjoy playing, building and exploring!

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