Over the last month or so I've spent a large amount of time designing objects to be 3D printed. I have now uploaded many of these designs to Thingiverse, and also listed them over on this site's projects page.

Firstly I have a small set of stands to show off my slowly growing collection of aging games consoles. I haven't had time to design stands for all of my collection yet, but I plan to design more as time allows. That set can be found here.

Secondly I have a collection of designs aimed to automate the old man's model train set, that spends its merry hours circling the christmas tree. The 3D designs for that are listed here, and example code can be found on Github.

To keep anyone interested on what I work on up to date I will probably be announcing new listings on my Twitter (@KetchupMonki), and if you have a Thingiverse account you can also follow my profile there.

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