New Server Host

After being with my old server host for a number of years I recently switched to a new provider. Due to this all services related to haveĀ  been taken down and will stay down until required.

I have also refreshed the website during this move, switching from Joomla to WordPress after having issues with Joomla running on PHP 7.2.* and mysql. Old posts and content have been backed up, however I don’t plan to bring them to the new site.

If there is any services or content you relied on that I have failed to preserve during this switch please get in touch.

Projects I was working on here before have been put on hold for now. I will pick them up again if and when they interest me. I plan on doing some more hands on things, using what I have learned in the realm of 3D modeling for less practical reasons and trying to be a little more artistic. Once I have had a bit more of an idea with what I am doing on that front I will be sure to keep this site updated with videos and pictures.

For now; happy new year!