In January after switching my VPS over to a new host I mentioned issues running Joomla on PHP 7.2.x, then settling with using WordPress for my CMS needs. A few months on I ran into many frustrating little limitations with WordPress so I decided to give Joomla another try; sadly I was still having issues in the installation, the installation page was simply reading "Error." with no other information on both the browser page or the log files. After turning to the helpful folks in the #joomla channel on freenode for help, checking for a load of possible file permission problems and a lot of frustration I had no solution, so downgraded to PHP 5.something where everything worked; a nasty solution to my problem. Determined to make it work on 7.2.x I then uninstalled PHP 5.whatever and went back to 7.2.x and tried again. After a while messing around I read somewhere that PHP could have an issue with the linux kernel I was on, so I updated my kernel and lo and behold everything worked just  fine. Joomla had no issue all along, and my problems were with my local environment. Hooray! No more using old kernels in the name of stability for me.

TL;DR Joomla is working just fine on PHP 7.2.x; if you're having issues with installation try updating your system's kernel! Hopefully this post can help guide others looking for possible solutions in the same situation.


After being with my old server host for a number of years I recently switched to a new provider. Due to this all services related to have  been taken down and will stay down until required.

I have also refreshed the website during this move, switching from Joomla to WordPress after having issues with Joomla running on PHP 7.2.* and mysql. Old posts and content have been backed up, however I don’t plan to bring them to the new site.

If there is any services or content you relied on that I have failed to preserve during this switch please get in touch.

Projects I was working on here before have been put on hold for now. I will pick them up again if and when they interest me. I plan on doing some more hands on things, using what I have learned in the realm of 3D modeling for less practical reasons and trying to be a little more artistic. Once I have had a bit more of an idea with what I am doing on that front I will be sure to keep this site updated with videos and pictures.

For now; happy new year!