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About the Site is my site to share small projects, on occasion host game servers and rant about subjects of interest to me.

There have been a few iterations of the site since I first bought the domain 2013. The reason for this being that, like many of my peers I tend to take on projects too large to finish before my interest dwindles. For this reason, during this most recent edition of the site I plan on taking on much smaller project with short development cycles, rather than constantly attempting to create a finished project that would usually take a much larger team than anything I work on.

I mention this both to remind myself not to bite off more than I can chew and to give visitors context and something to consider while browsing the site.


About Me

Alexander ‘Ket’ Theulings

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Firstly I will address my nickname, ‘Ket’, as it regularly becomes a popular topic of question, particularly among members of certain shadier subcultures. Often confused with a popular horse tranquilliser (which I hasten to add, I have never taken) my nickname actually originates from a far more innocent place; that being my life long love and necessity for ketchup with almost every meal presented to me.

Secondly, my lifestyle and interests.
Seizing the opportunity while we are young, energy is high and responsibilities are low, my partner Katie and I are living in a [to be] DIY camper van, travelling as much as we can pursuing the trend of “#vanlife”. If you are interested in seeing what we get up to then you’re in luck, as Katie meticulously documents our journey over on Instagram.

As far as interests go, I am, and always have been fascinated with computers. I was very fortunate growing up to have a father working in the field of computers and willing to tutor me as I grasped the basics of computer programming. From a young age I was surrounded by both Sun workstations running Unix and personal computers running Windows. This later led to a passion for programming, GNU+Linux and all things open source.

I also have a great interest in the environment and its conservation. I strive to live a lifestyle that causes as little damage to the nature around us as possible. Though it hasn’t been given much focus yet, I also manage the website, where some friends and I plan on exploring and writing about various eco-friendly topics, as well as host forums to further discuss related topics.

I am a dog person, enjoy various video games and a tinkerer in hobbies including woodwork, 3d printing and electronics.