KetchupComputing.com is a somewhat experimental ground for development.

Every so often I will experiment with something new, and usually it will end up being documented here. I am a big supporter of open source development and much of my code can be found on Github. If there is a project you are interested in that I have mentioned on here and I haven’t uploaded the source to Github then please contact me for more information!

I have also made a few game mods through the years, hosting relevant servers for the games I mod. Currently no public game servers are running on KetchupComputing.com, however if there is a server you previously played on hosted by myself and you would like the world files so you can look back at and preserve your creations I likely have a backup that I would be happy to send to any players. If you would like to contact me to retrieve one of these backups please provide your username on the game you played as well as a rough date of when you played on the server so I can find the correct files and confirm that you were using the server at that time.